Aulterra International

Founded in 1997 by Kim Dandurand, Aulterra Global is a leader in the production of products that protect individuals from the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

Our story

Aulterra is a privately held business specializing in the research and development of alternative health products that combat the harmful effects of radiation caused by cell phones, computers, microwave ovens, and other household electronics that emit electromagnetic energy.

Our products have been scientifically tested and verified, our results have been detailed in peer reviewed clinical publications, and our innovative discovery was granted a patent by the U.S. Patent office with over 43 separate claims.

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In 1996, inventor Kim Dandurand noticed changes in his children’s health as cell phones and computers became common in his home. Curious by nature, Kim started studying electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation − a form of radiation that is emitted from cell phones and other electronic devices. Further alarmed by what he learned, Kim worked relentlessly to develop a way to neutralize the effects of exposure from electronics. Over fifteen years of research by Kim resulted in his development of the Neutralizer® − a product that neutralizes EMF radiation from cell phones and other electronic devices, while protecting human DNA against damage by EMF radiation.

Today, Kim Dandurand, CEO/President of Aulterra International, is a pioneer in the research and development of products that protect against the potentially negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Kim holds a U. S. patent (with forty-three claims) on his products, is a leading authority in his field and lectures internationally.  He works with Quantum Biology Labs to continuously expand the science behind his products.  The research on Aulterra products have been peer-reviewed and published in an international scientific journal, and Aulterraproducts are in use in over sixty countries.

Our Team

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Kim Dandurand


Kim founded Aulterra in 1997 when he saw declining health in his children and suspected it was increased electronic use. Kim continues to strive toward his lifelong passion of producing products that make modern technology safer.

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Jim Elvidge

Director of Technology

Jim is the tech guru for the Aulterra team who shares a passion for making the world a better, safer place. Jim manages all of Aulterra’s IT infrastructure and creative design and marketing efforts.

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Sam Cunningham

Director of Operations

Sam is a highly skilled and enthusiastic professional who brings 20 years of expertise in operational effectiveness and efficiency to Aulterra with a keen sense for process design & implementation, and project management.

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Team Mascot

Meet Arti, our little Aulterra Mascot who loves to help out around the office. Arti loves to take part in helping make the world a more Bio-Safe world for everyone!

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