Independent Testing

Aulterra™ EMF neutralizing products have been peer-reviewed and published with independent testing in numerous studies showing their effectiveness and ability to neutralize the harmful EMF's being emitted from cellular and electronic devices.

Aulterra EMF Neutralizer product independent testing and research

illustration of DNA

Preliminary results of testing the AULTERRA Neutralizer’s capability to equalize magnetic field gradients

International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatability
Dr. Medinger OEG

rare earth element research

The Ability of a Rare-Earth Element-Enriched Mineral Blend to Reduce Mobile Wireless Phone Radiation

24th International Symposium on Acupuncture & Electrotherapeutics
Columbia University

illustration of DNA

The Aulterra Neutralizer's Capability To Equalize Magnetic Field Gradients

International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatability
Dr. Medinger OEG

illustration of DNA

The Aulterra Neutralizer Reduces the Intensity of Cell Phone Radiation

Quantum Biology Researche
Maria Syldona, Ph.D.

Independent research shows that Aulterra™ Neutralizers:

woman looking into a microscope doing independent testing
  • Protects you and your loved ones from harmful cell phone radiation.
  • Protects your body by two different mechanisms: a biochemical defense response and a physical alteration of the cellular/mobile phone signal.
  • Weakens your mobile phone radiation frequency peaks by at least 30 percent while completely eliminating shoulder peaks.
  • Uses a proprietary blend of rare-earth elements to eliminate dangerous cell phone radiation.
  • Reduces DNA winding and unwinding by 95 percent.
  • Generates a safe EMF that neutralizes the dangerous EMF from the Cell Phones.
  • Weakens cell phone and wireless phone radiation by reducing the intensity of signature frequency peaks.
  • Are effective across the entire radio and microwave spectrum of radiation emitted by EMF producing devices.
  • Recover DNA by 100%.
  • Converts incoherent EMF to coherent EMF.

Aulterra Neutralizers do not block, remove, or absorb EMF radiation.  That is one of the most unique features of how our products work and why they work so well.

Using a EMF/Gauss meter to try and test Aulterra Neutralizing products will not show less magnetic fields. Again, Aulterra Neutralizers do not block, absorb, or remove EMF’s.  In fact, if you were to ‘block’ or remove EMF’s then you are blocking or removing the frequency waves in which your wifi electronics rely on and your electronics would not perform well, if at all.

Aulterra Neutralizing products use a propriety blend of highly paramagnetic earth minerals that emit a strong coherent frequency that ‘neutralize’ the incoherent manmade EMF’s emitting from electronics, wireless devices and WiFi signals, etc.  EMF’s are a bi-product of the energy produced by various electronic devices and Wi-Fi signals.  Aulterra EMF Neutralizing products change that ‘bi-product’ or manmade incoherent EMF wave into a coherent EMF wave making those EMF’s no longer harmful to biological DNA.

We have a vast body of Peer Reviewed research and independent testing including Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy on our website that shows the effectiveness of Aulterra Neutralizing products.

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