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Cell phone subscriptions will hit 8 billion this year, yet very few people are aware of the proven health hazards of electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) emitted by cell phones and cell-phone towers.

The Product

Aulterra has created an array of 5G EMF neutralizing products based on a proprietary blend of naturally occurring paramagnetic materials. They are the only products in the world scientifically proven to reduce harmful EMF and increase the body’s resilience to EMF. It has been awarded 43 claims in a U.S. patent, and has been peer-reviewed and published in an international research journal.

Aulterra all product bundle

The Opportunity

Here is your chance to make a difference.  Take this opportunity to help people protect themselves from dangerous EMF radiation.  The Aulterra Affiliate Program gives you the power to make positive changes in the lives of others and earn commissions for your efforts. We are experiencing tremendous participation in our Aulterra Affiliate Program and have customized two affiliate programs to fit your business goals.

Standard Affiliate Program

The Standard Affiliate Program  is for those interested in online marketing, driving retail purchasers to the Aulterra website and is FREE to join. Standard affiliates are focused on marketing to end consumers. In return for your marketing activities, Standard Affiliates receive 25% commission on all retail purchases of buyers you send to our site. You will be provided with a multitude of banners and marketing materials you can  use with your affiliate links that you can place on sites and social media. With these tools, driving traffic and making commissions will be a simple process.

To sign up:

  1. Click the ‘become a standard affiliate link’ below.
  2. Submit the registration form.
  3. You will receive a welcome email with your Standard Affiliate member site login credentials and instructions on how to setup and use your new affiliate links.

Premium Affiliate Program

The Premium Affiliate Program has all the benefits of the Standard Affiliate Program and much more.  Premium Affiliates can signup Affiliates underneath them to earn even more commissions.  However, this is different from a traditional MLM as it only goes 3 tiers deep.  Premium Affiliates also receive quarterly and annual bonuses based on sales earnings.

Premium Affiliate Structure

With the Premium Affiliate Program you have unlimited earning potential.  Along with the 25% commissions on all retail purchases made through your affiliate links, Premium Affiliates also earn 10% on purchases made by Premium Affiliates they have introduced to the program, and another 5% on purchases made under those Premium Affiliates introduced to the program. You will have personalized access to your Aulterra member site where you will find your affiliate links, affiliate tracking and commissions, marketing materials, wholesale shop, and more.

Further Explained

When someone signs up with Aulterra as a Premium Affiliate, they are referred to as the Parent of an Affiliate Stream. A customer that signs up under the Parent is referred to as the 1st Child. A customer that signs up under the 1st Child is referred to as the 2nd Child. A customer that signs up under the 2nd Child is referred to as the 3rd Child. Parents receive commissions for activity of their entire Affiliate Stream which begins with the Parent and ends with the 2nd Child, or they end with SA as SAs cannot sign up others underneath them.

  • An individual signs up as a Premium Affiliate (PA) – They are the ‘Parent’ of that affiliate stream and they receive %25 commission from sales generated through their affiliate links.
  • Parent signs up PA (1st Child) – Parent receives (10%) commissions for sales/product purchases generated by 1st child.
  • 1st Child signs up a PA (2nd Child) – Parent receives (5%) and 1st Child receives (10%) commission for sales/product purchases generated by 2nd
  • 2nd Child signs up PA (3rd Child) – New Affiliate Stream begins.
    • 1st Child becomes Parent of new Affiliate Stream
    • 2nd Child becomes 1st Child of new Affiliate Stream
    • Parent does not receive commissions for sales/product purchases generated by the 3rd  child but continues to receive commissions generated by 1st and 2nd child streams.

In order to qualify for the Premium Affiliate program benefits, there is a one-time retail product purchase requirement of $500 or more, which includes free shipping to US and Canada.  

Becoming a Premium Affiliate is quick and simple:

  1. Click the ‘Premium Affiliate Application’ button below. You’ll be taken to the Aulterra Affiliate Agreement Application form.
  2. Please read the agreement carefully. Complete, sign and submit the form.
  3. We will review your application (turn around time is usually very quick) and once approved you will receive an email with a link to complete your Premium Affiliate Buy-In Process.
  4. When making your PA Buy-In purchase, you simply load your cart until you reach the $500 minimum purchase amount.  The cart will not allow you to purchase until you reach the minimum $500 purchase amount.
  5. Once you complete your Premium Affiliate Buy-in, you will receive a welcome email with your Premium Affiliate member site login credentials and instructions on how to setup and use your new affiliate links and access marketing material.

Marketing Support

When you register as an Aulterra Affiliate you gain access to promotional materials located on our web site. We also provide support to help you build your business. Bimonthly zoom calls are hosted to help both our Affiliates and Resellers better educate and serve their clients/customers.  We are always here to help so don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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