Become an Aulterra Wholesaler

Becoming an Aulterra Wholesalere is easy and rewarding!

Help making the planet a more Bio-Safe planet while receiving dividends for your efforts is a win-win for everyone!

Why become an Aulterra Wholesaler?

With 5G on the rise, protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the harmful effects of EMF’s is now more important than ever.

Aulterra’s unique EMF neutralizing products are the only products on the market that are backed by substantial scientific research, validated through 3rd party peer reviews and holding over 40 registered patents.

Aulterra is known globally as the leader in EMF protection and continues to pave the way for a more Bio-Safe world.

hand holding umbrella with money bag on a scale

EMF protection is becoming increasingly more important and the demand is growing daily.  As an Aulterra Wholesaler you can expect great returns, not just financially, but with a bright and bold conscience knowing you’re a part of something amazing – helping create a more Bio-Safe world!

How to become an Aulterra Wholesaler?


We require all wholesalers to sign our MAP (minimum advertising price) agreement. What this means is that you agree not to publicly advertise/sale Aulterra products below our minimum retail pricing structure.

This helps keep the playing field even for all of our valued Aulterra Wholesalers.


Purchase Wholesalers Package: $432
Purchase includes:
1 case of 24 Neutralizer Tri-Packs (each Tri-Pack contains 3 Aulterra Neutralizer stickers).

Regular retail price for a case of 24 Neutralizers is $864.


Complete member registration.
Member registration provides you with access to Aulterra’s member site to purchase products at wholesale pricing along with access to our marketing and promotional material to help you with your retail efforts.

Once you complete your registration you will receive an email with your membership credentials and login information for your member portal.  Through your wholesale member portal you will have access to our products at wholesale pricing as well as marketing and promotional material to help you market your Aulterra products.

That’s it!