The Ability of a Rare-Earth Element-Enriched Mineral Blend to Reduce Mobile Wireless Phone Radiation

Scientific Evidence

There is now accumulating scientific evidence that cellular phone and mobile phone radiation are harmful to the body. A previous study with cellular phones demonstrated the efficacy of the Aulterra Neutralizer in this regard, and the present study extends these results to radiation from mobile phones. The Neutralizer is composed primarily of a mineral blend containing large amounts of para-magnetic elements.

The radiation emitted by a GE wireless 2.45 GHz phone was measured while actively receiving a repeating, pre-recorded weather channel transmission. The signal detected by the antenna was then transferred to a spectrum analyzer. The same test was performed with and without the Aulterra Neutralizer, thereby allowing direct comparisons.

The mobile phone generated only one peak at 2.48GHz with two smaller side peaks on either side of the main peak. In the absence of the Neutralizer the amplitude of this main peak was 61.0 dBm. With the Neutralizer the intensity was reduced to 42.9 dBm. This reduction was statistically significant. In addition both shoulder peaks present in the mobile phone measures were completely eliminated in the presence of the Neutralizer. The results of these experiments indicate that the Aulterra Neutralizer weakens mobile phone radiation by reducing the intensity of its signature frequency peaks.

This new data should be taken in conjunction with the previous observation that the Neutralizer also reduces the intensity of cell phone radiation and it damaging effects on the conformational state of human DNA. These studies suggest that the Neutralizer protects the body by two different mechanisms; a biochemical defense response and a physical alteration of the cellular/mobile phone signal.