Roberta Buck

I purchased the Whole House protection and the 3 Aulterra stickers. I had been experiencing problems with my eyes swelling and itching terribly every night after using my iPhone during the day and evening. I could not remove the “Otter Box” from my phone to put the sticker on the back of it so I finally took it to my local Verizon store where they removed the case and applied my Aulterra sticker. After a week of the Aulterra protection on my phone I noticed that I was sleeping much better and my eyes were no longer swollen and itching! She was quite interested in Aulterra and asked me to report back to them about my results! I am happy to do that! 
I am very pleased with the difference Aulterra has made in my health and my ability to sleep! I am so happy that I saw the advertisement online for this innovative health protection!