Significant Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Ingredients via the Principle of Negative Entropy

Significant Enhancement of Pharmaceutical Ingredients via the Principle of Negative Entropy with Aulterra Enhance

In this article, we report a new, remarkably effective, chemically inert substance, Aulterra Enhance, which has a unique mode of action that causes substantial enhancement of the effectiveness of many substances through the principle of negative entropy. 

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We present astonishing clinical results and an outline of Aulterra’s unique, medically beneficial mode of action. Aulterra Enhance is a proprietary powder consisting of highly paramagnetic rare earth minerals.1


Experiments performed under strict conditions by Dr. Bernard Grad have shown that plant growth rates can be significantly accelerated using a healer’s touch.2 In these experiments, a healer would place their hands on a jar of water that was to be used to water a set of test plants.  The results showed that the plants watered using the healer-treated water grew at statistically significantly higher rates and had more chlorophyll than those treated with ordinary water.

Dr. Grad also showed that water treated with a magnetic field accelerated plant growth. In this, he drew a comparison between energy from a healer’s hands and magnetic energy.

When he took his work to animals, Dr. Grad showed that wounds in mice healed significantly faster when a healer placed his hands over the wound.3 For his pioneering work in this area, Dr. Bernard Grad was awarded by the CIBA Pharmaceutical Foundation.

This work was recognized by Dr. Justice Smith, who worked with high-intensity magnetic fields and enzyme kinetics at the time. Her studies with the digestive enzyme trypsin showed that the enzyme reaction rates were accelerated in the presence of a magnetic field. When Dr. Smith subjected trypsin to a healer’s energy, she found that, as predicted, the enzyme reaction rates were significantly enhanced.4 However, in experiments where she studied the effect of healer’s energy with three different enzymes, she found that the enzyme kinetics speeded up in one case, slowed down in another, and was unaffected in the other.  Interestingly, the change in the enzyme kinetics was always in the direction of more excellent health and energy balance of the cell.4 Using magnetic energy alone, all three enzymes showed accelerated kinetics. This raised questions about how the healer’s energy could always discriminate between certain enzymes to produce a beneficial effect. The results can only adequately be explained by considering recent developments in the field of Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanical Model

Until recently, it was assumed that no particle could travel faster than the speed of light. However, this has since been overturned, particularly with the advent of Quantum Field Theory. Particles that travel faster than light, known as tachyons, are now accepted as scientific facts.5 There is a phenomenon in quantum physics where particle pairs, separated by large distances, instantly respond to changes in each other’s behavior. This phenomenon is known as ‘Action at a Distance and can now be explained by particles (tachyons) traveling at infinitely high speeds. An interesting change occurs when these speeds are included in Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2. It is found that these particles obey the law of negative entropy. The Law of Entropy states that matter/energy always proceeds towards a state of more significant disorder or randomness. Think of it as placing a drop of oil on top of a dish of water; the oil disperses into a state of more significant disorder. Tachyons obey the reverse of this law in that matter/energy proceeds in the direction of greater unity and harmony.

In the experiments where the healer’s energy influenced the enzyme reaction rates, the enzymes were affected in the direction of negative entropy, suggesting that the energy from the healer’s hands was tachyon in nature.


From the results described below, it can be seen that the effect of Aulterra is identical to what would be expected from a healer. Indeed it has been observed that, in every recorded case, experiments with Aulterra have proceeded in the direction of negative entropy – towards greater harmony and balance.

Experimental Results and Discussion

  1. In one controlled study of 600 patients, Aulterra Enhance powder improved the biological aging index according to Vega-testing. The results were noted to be derived from Aulterra powder’s direct and indirect effect on the body due to its powerful enhancement of specific natural remedies.6
  2. A sharp decline in rouleau (sticky blood) was observed within one hour of consuming Aulterra, as revealed through pre and post-dark field blood studies. This feat required a significantly enhanced oxygenation to all bodily tissues.
  3. Aulterra powder caused an enhancement in over 90% of all vitamins, minerals, and herbals, as showed by pre and post-computerized electrodermal scans (CEDS).
  4. Studies have shown specific enzyme growth rates to be increased by a factor of seven times through the action of Aulterra Enhance Powder.7
  5. When Aulterra Enhance powder was placed in the ground with organic food products that had a high E.coli and coliform count, it reduced the count to less than the lowest detectable level.7
  6. Aulterra Enhance powder was shown to reduce the toxic effects of copper on DNA substantially.8 It was noted that the Aulterra Enhance Powder induced ‘Quantum Coherence,’ a phenomenon demonstrated by Tiller to be caused by the energy from healers.9 This experiment demonstrated ‘action at a distance in that no physical contact was made between the test solutions and the Aulterra. The solutions were placed on top of a bag of Aulterra powder.
  7. Pre and post-Kirlian effects via the enhancement by Aulterra Enhance powder have been photographed under strict, reproducible protocols.

Discussion of Results

In study 1, Aulterra caused a shift in the direction of negative entropy towards greater harmony and balance of the cells. In addition, it was used at a low level in the presence of a nutraceutical agent, enhancing its effectiveness.  This also demonstrated negative entropy in that the overall result was a more balanced, harmonious system.  When used at low levels (approx 0.67% w/w) in pharmaceuticals Aulterra will enhance the effectiveness of a pharmaceutical product in that, together, they will cause a bodily shift in the direction of negative entropy towards a healthier patient.

The results of study 2 show enhanced oxygenation of all bodily tissues. Studies with healers done by Dr. Delores Creeger2 showed that one of the effects of a healer on humans is an increased hemoglobin level. Higher hemoglobin levels allow for more significant oxygen transport around the body. Not surprisingly, the results of Aulterra are similar to what would be expected if a healer had treated the patients, again a shift in the direction of negative entropy. Indeed the effect of healers has been shown to be so significant that it completely cancels out the red blood cell destruction often caused by chemotherapy.

Study 3 shows Aulterra’s natural enhancement of substances. The enhancement of a substance, which usually has a beneficial effect on the body, is a direct shift in the direction of negative entropy.

Studies 4 and 5 compliments the work performed by Dr. Justice Smith, where she observed that specific enzyme reaction rates were accelerated and others were reduced. In each case, Aulterra caused a change in the direction of greater health and energy balance of the system – in other words, in the direction of negative entropy.

The result of study 6 demonstrates a direct correlation between the effects of Aulterra and the action of a healer. Again this demonstrates Aulterra’s effects being in the direction of negative entropy.

Study 7 shows direct photographical evidence of Aulterra’s ability to enhance substances. The Kirlian photographs show that, in the presence of Aulterra, each substance has much more vital electrical and magnetic energy. In such cases, substances are usually regarded as having a greater ‘life force.’ It may well be that life force is related to the concentration of tachyons. Therefore life force energy is comparable to magnetic energy (shown by the photographs), as we have already pointed out in this paper.


From the clinical results involving Aulterra, and the experiments with healers and magnetic energy, it can be concluded that Aulterra produces a very similar effect on the body to what would be expected by the action of a healer. Therefore, it can also be concluded that Aulterra must emit (as yet undetectable) faster than light particles.

Aulterra Enhance Powder is a unique substance, the first of its kind, and presents an enormous opportunity to the Pharmaceutical Industry. On its own, Aulterra produces beneficial effects on the body (in the direction of negative entropy). However, Pharmaceutical products are much more specific and powerful for their desired purposes.

Therefore, as the evidence shows, a combination of a Pharmaceutical product and Aulterra (optimum level 0.67% w/w Aulterra) will significantly enhance the Pharmaceutical. Furthermore, the overall shift in the direction of negative entropy will be observed by a reduction in the side effects commonly observed with many modern drugs.

In addition, optimization work done by Nutraceutical companies shows that when Aulterra is added to a product at a level of 0.67% w/w, such a powerful enhancement is seen that 30-60% less of the Nutraceutical could be used in the formulations. This is over and above the reduction in side effects, as expected by a healer’s action. Used in this way, Aulterra will present considerable cost savings to the Pharmaceutical Industry.


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