Aulterra® EMF Neutralizer – 3x pack

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The Neutralizer 3 Pack
The Aulterra Neutralizer eliminates the negative effects of EMF radiation on biological systems. Includes 1 pack of 3 Aulterra Neutralizer™ discs.


Buy 3 Neutralizer Tri-Packs and get 1 FREE


The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer
Patented, Tested and Proven Technology

Aulterra’s EMF Neutralizer has proven through in vitro studies to be the only product available to protect human DNA from the harmful effects of EMF/RF radiation. The Neutralizer alters the bio-electrical patterns emitted by wireless devices and neutralizes 100% of the detrimental effects caused by EMFs on human DNA. It provides protection from molecular, electrical and thermal radiation emitted from all electronic devices. The chart below shows EMF fields before and after the use of the Neutralizer disc:

Electromagnetic Field study with Aulterra EMF Neutralizer

Click HERE to read the study methods and results.

The Only Product that Neutralizes 100% of the Detrimental Effects from EMFs on Human DNA!

Man-made EMFs have chaotic waves of energy and frequencies making it different from natural EMFs. The man-made EMFs chaotic energy can distort or disrupt organic energy patterns, causing damage to human DNA which is the reason that artificial EMFs are hazardous, disruptive and weakening to cellular metabolism.

woman smiling on cell phone using Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Studies like the UC Irvine Experiment have confirmed that The Neutralizer does actually do just that, neutralizes EMFs, making them harmless to our bodies. This is because all particles coexist as waves and waves as particles. It is also a known fact that  neither can be created nor destroyed, but can change form. Toxic substances made of subatomic particles that also exist in wave form.

What Makes the Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Work?

Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Disk Layers


The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer is made up of four micro-thin layers of paramagnetic rare earth elements.

The Aulterra® Neutralizer consists of multiple layers of highly paramagnetic rare-earth minerals providing 100% protection from harmful EMFs.



Another way of looking at the coexistence of particles and waves is to say the matter oscillates between particle and wave form. This way, depending upon the detection technology, energy can be ‘caught’ in the safe form.

Bio-electromagnetic researcher, Glen Rein, has suggested a possible mechanism to explain the protective effect of the Neutralizer. He states that

“…the natural coherent energy emanating from Aulterra [Enhance} neutralized the incoherent energy from the man-made EMFs, rendering it harmless to human DNA.

Studies Prove Cell Phone Radiation Causes Damage to DNA

The latest studies confirm that what the cellular phone corporations do not want you to know. Even casual use of a cell phone can cause damage to DNA in sensitive areas of the brain

A landmark study conducted by Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington showed that even at low levels, exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies (EMF/RF) caused DNA damage to brain cells of rats, resulting in loss of short and long-term memory and slower learning. He further noted: “DNA damages in cells could have an important implication on health because they are cumulative.” 

A study done at Penn State University concluded that EMF exposure produced no effect for the “first few minutes, . . . then a cascade of microbial destruction occurs.” 2 The effect of this damage has been linked to cancer, memory loss and even sterility.

Even using an ear-piece will not keep you out of danger from EMF exposure, because ear pieces’ act like “conduits” to funnel as much as three times the harmful radiation to your brain.

The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Will Not Interfere with the Functioning of Your Cell Phone

Unlike other EMF blocking devices, the Neutralizer will not affect the reception or transmission of data from your cell phone or any other wireless electronic device. Your phone or other electronic device will still be the convenient communications tool you wanted it to be, but it will be much safer.

The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer is effective against harmful EMF/RF radiation with any style of cellular phone.

    • Any antenna style
    • Any brand or model
    • Digital, analog or dual mode phones
    • New models as well as older styles

The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Works on Other EMF Radiating Devices Too!

Cellular phones are not the only harmful EMF radiating devices in our homes or offices. If you have any of these electronic devices, you need the protection of the Neutralizer:

    • Computer monitor and/or CPU
    • Tablet and netbook computer
    • E-book reader
    • Portable media player
    • WiFi router
    • Microwave oven
    • Cordless telephone
    • Television
    • Video game equipment
    • Your home’s utility smartmeter

The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer is Easy To Use:
Just Stick it on and You’re Protected.

T Aulterra EMF Neutralizer disk with mobius strip image here’s no complicated installation procedure with the Neutralizer. The adhesive backed disc will stick to almost any surface and provide you with constant protection for as long as it remains on the device. Just apply it to any relatively flat, smooth surface on your cellular phone, or other device and you can feel confident again.


Protection for your Entire Family

Family happy enjoying life together The reasonably priced Neutralizer will be a small price to pay for the safety and peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your loved ones are safe from the harmful effects of EMF exposure.

The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer comes as a single disc pack or a tri-pack (3 discs) for your multiple devices, or a Whole House Plug for your entire home or work space.

Aulterra EMF Neutralizers do not block, remove, or absorb EMF radiation.  That is one of the most unique features of how our products work and why they work so well.

A EMF/Gauss meter will not show less magnetic fields. Again, Aulterra Neutralizers do not block, absorb, or remove EMF’s.  In fact, if you were to ‘block’ or remove EMF’s then you are blocking or removing the frequency waves in which your wifi electronics rely on and your electronics would not perform well, if at all.

Aulterra EMF products use a propriety blend of highly paramagnetic earth minerals that emit a strong coherent frequency that ‘neutralize’ the incoherent manmade EMF’s emitting from electronics, wireless devices and WiFi signals, etc.  EMF’s are a bi-product of the energy produced by various electronic devices and Wi-Fi signals.  Aulterra EMF Neutralizer products change that ‘bi-product’ or manmade incoherent EMF wave into a coherent EMF wave making those EMF’s no longer harmful to biological DNA.

We have a vast body of Peer Reviewed research including Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy on our website that shows the effectiveness of Aulterra Neutralizing products.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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25 reviews for Aulterra® EMF Neutralizer – 3x pack

  1. Jay G

    I’ve been using the Neutralizers for years and I definitely swear by them. I highly suggest using them.

  2. Martha L

    Great product.. great service

  3. Joep

    Helpful for everyone, especially for those which are very sensitive for energy disturbing there personal resonance.

  4. Robert (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for years and have it on all my devices from the iPad to the laptop to desk top and on my iphone and have it on our wireless TV’s.
    It does the job and does not interfere with product function or performance at all.
    Would not use a device without one and I am delighted to be able to receive it in Canada.

  5. Anne Hess (verified owner)

    I have been using your neutralizers for many years with much success and can highly recommend them. I have known about the harmful effects of EMF exposure for a very long time, so each of my electronic devices has its own neutralizer. What I notice the most is that as soon as the neutralizer is put in place, there is a noticeable change and improvement in the emitted frequencies, which I experience as a “calming” effect. Without a neutralizer, I am unable to use a cell phone or computer for more than a couple of minutes without feeling discomfort and agitation. Try one, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and your body will thank you!

  6. Shannon

    I have been drawn to Aulterra since as far back as 2009. As well, I have been studying regenerative health since the early eighties. I have been learning here and there from true healers and those with inherent gifts at healing and with respected wisdom as well. I have learned much over the years from people such as Dr. Stephen Sandberg Lewis, Dr. Noel Peterson, and even through online studies, Dr. Ben Kim. They are in the holistic health care because they are all very aware of the whole body approach and how essential it is. I became a certified “inside out and outside in” health coach addressing all things, in and out, that compromise our cellular health. People think it’s as simple as adding salads or drinking smoothies. It’s not that simple at all. With that uneducated thinking people, even more so, truly need these scientifically proven to protect products to help prevent more radiation damage to cells, membranes, and tissues throughout the entire body and brain. Since 2009 I always have my devices protected with Aulterras neutralizers! As well, the entire home with the USB (formerly whole house plugs) and for those driving, you want coverage in your car as well. Once the degenerative damage is done, it can take years and cost thousands to repair through regeneration! Invest in your whole body health protection now. Don’t wait!

  7. Carol

    With my sensitivity, I think this product is very helpful for creating a calming effect.
    For some reason, I am unable to rate the product, so I give it a 5.

  8. Patricia Plummer (verified owner)

    I truly had a good experience from the Neutralizer that was astounding on my cellphone. I had been using another well-known brand to neutralize the EMF, and once I put on the Aulterra Neutralizer, my cellphone was no longer hot to my ear. With the other brand, my cellphone was always hot to my ear, as if it wasn’t even working. Thank you, thank you, Aulterra!

  9. Ahuva adler

    Great product.slim design

  10. Alison Daniels (verified owner)

    I have bought the neutralizer stickers for every phone, tv and computer my family owns. It gives me confidence that we are being not only protected from the emfs, but the amazing ability to repair DNA is something no other product has the capability to do. I am about to order the hole house USB. I also appreciate the sales Aulterra constantly offers!

  11. Stephen (verified owner)

    I’ve had some very unhealthy symptoms and reactions with continuous exposure to smart meter radiation. At my workplace a smart meter was installed and the electric company refused to change it back to the non-smart meter. I affixed one Neutralizer to the smart meter and it absolutely works. It’s been several months now and I’m still marveling at how I experience no symptoms or reactions with the smart meter treated with the Neutralizer. To anyone who is experiencing adverse reactions to smart meter technology or any EMF, microwave radiations, etc., I highly recommend that you try this.

  12. Randy Vroon (verified owner)

    As a Holistic Health Tester I can attest that the Neutralizer Chips do indeed work as advertised. 1-chip on a Apple iPad Pro vs 4 of another Brand, to maintain balanced meridian systems. Measuring Client health for many years, I noted early on the severe disruptive impact of WiFi, Cellular and Electric/Magnetic Fields (EMF) on the body energy systems (Meridians, 5-Organ Systems…) which directly affect all physical body systems. Using a single Chip vs. multiples for other vendors just to keep pace with the power & bandwidth of faster, stronger Cellphone designs is a Huge Plus. Looking to see this protection on true-G5 phones to protect Clients’ Health going forward. It is all about the earth-elements in the Neutralizer’s design. Great Job Aulterra!

  13. Randy Vroon (verified owner)

    The Neutralizer WORKS for harmonizing SmartMeter transmitter energy at the point of Origin. After discussing the Neutralizer functions with Jim Elvidge, I’ve monitored body stress having a SmartMeter 4-feet away in home office. With no Neutralizer, severe weakness in Vital Energy (Qi) and high body stress (High sympathetic nervous system activity… Fight/Flight reaction). Using Neutralizer packs as a block between meter and I from inside house only partially successful;
    Placing a Neutralizer at the point of origin ‘ON’ the SmartMeter side-glass (somewhat out of sight), eliminated body-stress reaction and restored my natural Vital Energy (Qi) level.
    Very encouraging AND interesting. Next step to measure and monitor the SmartMeter ‘noise’ induced on home electrical wiring system, and test using the Wholehouse USB for cleaning up EMF disruption in sleeping areas.

  14. Joseph (verified owner)

    Just received my goods this morning in the mail! I am very happy that it arrived and I am currently using the neutralisers on all of my devices! The shipping took a bit long so I contacted him via email and they keep me frequently updated with the shipping process and where it is at.
    Great Customer Support!

  15. Sam

    Aulterra stickers are the best thing out there to neutralize EMF effects. I also have the Whole House USB and our quality of life at home is so much better now. Thank you Aulterra.

  16. Joshua

    Works great. Feel much better after installing it on my phone when I’m use.

  17. Sherry (verified owner)

    I love your products, but your shipping is totally unreasonable! I am not going to be ordering $199 worth. I already own the whole house neutralizer and have given one away. I must have ordered about 60 of the individual neutralizers over the years. I have them on several of my phones, computers, and, of course my smart meter. I have given them away to all my close friends and family to enable them to be protected.
    I just wanted a few extra this time and the sale price is what they use to cost, so am ordering one pack. It doesn’t weigh much, but I am being charged $8.95! I think that is a bit high.

  18. Camille S

    I’m grateful and relieved that I have some protection from the 5G and especially while talking on my phone. I am more at ease using my computer several hours of the day with my stickers on the computer and wifi. Thanks

  19. Thomas McDermott

    Highly recommend!

  20. Steve M

    Excellent product! I love it! I’ve gotten them for all of my family! I’m happy knowing they are protected from EMF! Thank you! Ohh, and they have AWESOME staff!!!

  21. Leslie

    Best on the market!

  22. Cecilia

    I have had these on my phones for a few years now. For me they are more for piece of mind. Have bought them for my daughters and husband too. We all use them for the same reason.

  23. Jimmy

    Put these on all my phones and devices. Gives me peace of mind knowing I am doing something to help keep me healthy even though I can’t prove it or see it. I have been pleased with all my purchases in the last few years. Keep up the good work.

  24. Ethan Hegel (verified owner)

    These things are all over my house now. I muscle tested my wife our roommate to see who could keep their arm up while holding a cell phone, and of course they could not resist me pushing their arm down while holding the cell phone, but then I took their phone and handed them my phone, which had an Aulterra sticker on the back, and they could resist me with ease. Our roommate freaked out, which was pretty funny.
    I’ve since put them on our wifi routers, my computer, my wife’s computer, our cell phones and tablets, etc…, and my wife says she’s been feeling much better around the house, especially in our room and next to her computer because she is very sensitive to everything and the wifi router is in our bedroom because reasons.

  25. Jeff Lin

    I like the product so far, however I do not know where to put it on my airpods, can anyone give me any tips on how to put them on?

    • aulterra (verified owner)

      You can cut small pieces from the sticker and place them on the airpods and then take a small piece of athletic tape to put over it to keep the sticker on as the stickers don’t stick well to the shiny plastics. The athletic tape works great as it is non-allergenic and very comfortable to the ear and using small pieces of the stickers does not reduce the efficacy of the stickers at all.

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