Federal Lawsuit Threatens Future of 5G

Bruce Kushnick and W. Scott McCollough, Esq are good ‘ol boys who have seen it all. Now they’re coming back to take a stand for freedom. They’re also leading experts in the telecom industry who have mapped a pathway to restore the Internet to the human-friendly, benevolent ideals from which it started.

5G prohibited sign
As part of this redirection, they’re not afraid to call out the corruption of those who have hijacked it. Bruce and Scott lead the IRREGULATORS, a group of telecom industry experts and insiders who are taking the FCC to federal court in January 2020, armed with evidence — of an estimated $1 Trillion scandal — and strategy that could very well pave the way to a great restructuring of telecom and dissolution of the 5G agenda.

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  1. Tami Bowen

    I pray they win. My grandchildren’s brains are at stake here. 5G is not good.

    1. N. Horn

      Wondering what the verdict on this was. Dows anyone haven update please?

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