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  1. Greg Foster says:

    As A Bio-Hair Scan Practitioner, One of the epigenetic indicators in the Wellness puzzle are Frequency Interference, with your products I have seen a profound increase in optimal wellness with my clients using your products!

  2. Jason says:

    Hi there,
    I am a classically trained, formally educated biochemist with each a graduate degree in biochemistry, a BS in Chemistry & Physics as well as a PhB (Philosophy) & thus, though remaining ignorant to the higher understandings of our electrodynamic world by and large, I do carry at least a rudimentary level of understanding as it relates to such concepts.

    As such I would like to ask your help & for any resources at your disposal to acquire any valid, Primary Literature concerning the Aulterra whole house plug, it’s efficiency at both blocking any & all external originating high/low RF / EMF / leaky radiation as well as the modulation of all detrimental/ incoherent bioelectrical RF &EM radiation in such a way as to mediate its transformation into an energetically compatible EMF/RF form synergistic to healthy bioelectrical patterns conducive to its naturally optimal form.

    Any experimental studies supporting this statement taken from your ad narrative (shown below), & the other such statements of equal caliber, would be greatly appreciated. (Preferably peer reviewed if possible)
    “It provides protection from molecular, electrical, and thermal radiation emited from electronic devices.”

    I’m not here whatsoever to attempt some discrediting or anything of the sort. I truly understand the detriment of this horror show we call Ultra highfi, & soon to be the milimeter wave EMF 5G techno-tyranny we call innovative human helper technologies…. Along with the decades long war/psychosocial operation being waged against the populace.

    I just wish to protect by way of shielding each myself, all those I care for & just plain anyone who will listen. Thus I really do hope your product does work as you say it does…. It’s more like a prayer than solely a hope. 🙂

    Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read & then address my request. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend & I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


  3. Marie says:

    What product can I use to protect myself from the radiation coming from the WiFiRouters at work? I work in a school and there are WiFiRouters all over the place.

  4. Elaine Caronia says:

    Trying to purchase items but cannot complete the transaction. Tried to call but there is a problem with your contact number

  5. Janet Doane says:

    I’m disappointed to see that answers to important questions re your product have been ignored. The only question answered was in reference to you selling wholesale to a new client. We are all wanting to feel secure about product’s integrity in order to make educated decisions about protecting ourselves and our families. Like Jason, I’d like to read scientific studies o prove your product will protect a home from 5G frequencies coming from a device installed outside a home, or to protect the individual while passing through 5 G frequencies ? I bought several of your whole house devices for my families before 5 G became active. Thank you. J

  6. Vanessa Gagnon says:

    Hi Admin! I live in Coeur d’Alene and am wondering if your address is an actual LOCATION so I can come in and purchase your products. I have looked for it online, but googlemaps led me to a location that showed a dogfood store instead? Since I live so close I’d like to come in and buy if possible. I have referred people your way, and bought your products in the past and use them daily on my devices. Thank you very much! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon! Vanessa 11.24.2018

  7. Anita Dunlap says:

    I am wondering about how to protect myself and my family when we are out in public with so many, many cell phones all around us.

    Are you working on perhaps handbags or wallets to help with the issue on a broader scope while at malls, businesses, etc.

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