Who doesn’t have a mobile phone or MP3-player to listen to audio and sound and who doesn’t prefer energy-efficient bulbs? But this also comes with risks and are any threshold values imposed by the law for this purpose? Aulterra EMF neutralizer products help eliminate the harmful risks related to EMF exposure.

Electromagnetic radiation and sound (audio) are both physical (environmental) factors that can affect our health. The physicists consider both of these to be waves. That is why the same terminology is used, such as intensity, frequency, wavelength. Yet, these are completely different phenomena.

Electromagnetic radiation is the propagation through space of electrical and magnetic waves while sound is the result of small changes in the air pressure that propagate through the air. We can sometimes see electromagnetic radiation (as light) or feel it (as warmth) while we can only hear audio and sound. Read more about how we can prevent and limit health risks associated with it.

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