Did you know that many of the appliances in your home emit a large amount of EMF radiation?  While exposure from these appliances is important, they are less important than smart meters, cell towers, and wi-fi. For today’s post we are going to talk about microwave oven dangers. MICROWAVE RADIATION Isn’t the microwave a wonderful […]

Check out this informative and free interview! Lloyd Burrell from ElectricSense will interview electrical engineer and EMF consultant Pawel Wypychowski today, Thursday, March 7th at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT)

Some of the things to be discussed: Frequency, wavelength and signal strength are the 3 main parameters which explain the health effects of EMFs but Pawel explains a 4th parameter which is just as important What 5G is (and what it’s) not  – Pawel does a good job of clearing up the confusion How the […]

Planet Irth, Population Control & Microwave Radiation, by Magda Havas, Ph.D

Perhaps you have seen “Planet Irth” (April 2010) about a planet that becomes inundated with electrosmog and the irthlngs are warned by sensitives that this is not a good thing but no one listens. Or you may have seen “Taming the Microwave Dragon” (December 2010) told in a fairy tale style with a similar message to Planet Irth.  Click here to watch […]