Are Cell Phones, Wifi, and Other Common Electronic Devices Poisoning Your Environment, Harming Your Children, and Causing a Long List of Serious Diseases Including Cancer? Thousands of Independent Studies Say YES… Here’s What You Can Do About It… EMF Health Summit – FREE & Online June 14 – 20, 2019!

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Today! Thursday June 6th at 9 AM PST, (or 5 PM GMT), Lloyd Burrell interviews 30-year cancer survivor James Templeton. James is the author of the new book, I Used To Have Cancer, a memoir chronicling his amazing journey back to health and outlining the alternative healing modalities for cancer he used and continues to use to maintain his health. (You will be able to listen for free for 24 hours.)

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Ridiculous Wi-Fi Tech! – The lack of adequate safety standards to protect public health has led to the unfettered rollout of wireless technology and products like these coming on the market. The Environmental Health Trust strongly opposes the use of these ridiculous Wi-Fi tech products as they increase exposure of vulnerable populations to wireless emissions.

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