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Scientifically Proven EMF Protection Against the Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation

Yes, Aulterra EMF protection devices are scientifically proven, patented, and peer reviewed offering the best protection against the harmful effects of 5G and EMF radiation. However, we still believe the best protection against 5G and EMF radiation is education! Once you know what to look out for, you can enjoy the security of our whole-home EMF protection devices for you and your loved ones.

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Scientifically tested for approval

Scientifically Tested

Aulterra Products have been proven to work by domestic and international, independent research. Studied at universities, research labs, and by doctors around the world.

US Patent Seal for Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Products

Patented Technology

The Aulterra Neutralizer is patented in the United States with 43 separate claims.
US Patent #US7485885B2

Peer reviewed for scientific efficacy

Peer Reviewed & Published

Research showing how and why the Aulterra Neutralizer protects against EMF radiation was peer reviewed and published in an international research journal.


It’s important to understand the basics of electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation to properly protect yourself and your family. Electromagnetic field radiation is a form of energy comprised of both an electric field and a magnetic field, typically associated with the use of electrical power. EMF radiation falls into two categories: non-ionizing and ionizing. Non-ionizing radiation, or low-level radiation, is present in common household appliances and devices such as microwave ovens, computers, cell phones, and wireless networks. In contrast, ionizing radiation is high-level radiation found in sunlight, X-rays, and some gamma rays. Although not as damaging as ionizing radiation, non-ionizing EMF can still negatively impact human physiology if not properly managed. Long-term exposure may lead to adverse human health problems. Fortunately, you can secure your environment from the radiation we encounter on a daily basis and have peace of mind by installing an Aulterra whole home EMF protection device.


Aulterra EMF neutralizers devices do not block, remove, or absorb EMF radiation. That is one of the unique features of our products and why they work so well. An EMF/Gauss meter will not show less magnetic fields. Again, Aulterra Neutralizers do not block, absorb, or remove EMFs. In fact, if you were to ‘block’ or remove EMFs (essentially a byproduct of electricity), your electronics would not perform well, if at all. Aulterra EMF Neutralizer products use a propriety blend of highly paramagnetic earth minerals that emit strong coherent energy that ‘neutralizes’ the (chaotic) artificial EMFs. Our neutralizers change or recalibrate the artificial (coherent) EMF waves into incoherent (natural) EMF waves (like that of the sun or planetary EMFs). These waves are coherent to the body’s naturally sustained threshold, so they are no longer harmful to biological DNA.

You can see from our Live Blood Dark Field Microscopy testing how detrimental EMF radiation is to our bodies. Aulterra EMF-blocking devices make a phenomenal difference by eliminating the harmful effects of EMF radiation.

The Aulterra Energy Pendant

Years of research, countless studies, and amazing laboratory results finally deliver this highly effective bio-resonant energy pendant.

The Aulterra Energy Pendant is not just a beautiful piece of fine jewelry. With over 16 years of research, Aulterra has developed a revolutionary solution based on its patented paramagnetic technology. Now, you can shield yourself from the negative effects of EMF radiation no matter where you’re headed. As you go about your day, you’ll be at peace knowing your jewelry selection is not only fashionable, but highly protective.

The pendant is filled with a new paramagnetic rare-earth mineral infusion that does much more than retune ambient EMFs to coherent frequencies.

The Aulterra Energy Pendant offers much more than effective (5G) EMF protection.

By correcting the carcinogenic effect of positive Ionic direction, the Aulterra™ Energy Pendant is a piece of EMF jewelry that provides many benefits, including:

  • Restructuring of the Bio-field to its natural state.
  • Promotes balance of the body meridians.
  • Neutralize EMF radiation from internal body systems restoring the natural unwinding and rewinding of DNA.
  • Retunes ambient EMFs in and around the body.
  • Enhances body Chakra energy centers.
man with a beard wearing Aulterra EMF ProtectionEnergy Pendant

This is the Pendant you’ve been waiting for. Now, you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF radiation and so much more with this beautiful pendant.

Plus, its sleek design is ideal for everyday wear. EMF jewelry will provide the protection you need and the style you crave, whether you’re at home or on the go. We often can’t control our surroundings, so an Aulterra Energy Pendant will ensure you stay protected in any type of environment. Simply wear it around your neck and subtly protect yourself from the EMF radiation you encounter throughout the day.

Aulterra EMF Protection Publications

The Ability of a Rare-Earth Element-Enriched Mineral Blend to Reduce Mobile Wireless Phone Radiation


Recent scientific evidence shows that cell phone and mobile phone radiation may be harmful to the body. A previous study with cellular phones demonstrated the efficacy of the Aulterra EMF Neutralizer in this regard, and the present study extends these results to radiation from mobile phones. The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer is composed primarily of a mineral blend containing large amounts of para-magnetic elements offering the best EMF protection.

Girl with Aulterra EMF Neutralizer Sticker on her phone
woman holding cellphone to ear without emf protection

Studies Prove Cell Phone Radiation Causes Damage to DNA


Casual use of a cell phone can damage the DNA in sensitive areas of the brain, and the levels at which damage occurs can be as low as .024 – .0024 W/kg – much lower than any cell phone. DNA damage from EMF exposure is cumulative, thus increasing your risk each time you use your phone. It’s more important now than ever to get adequate EMF protection. 

It's a Simple Fact, We Live in a Toxic Environment


If you’re concerned about your long-term health, Aulterra has an answer for you.

You can’t run, and you can’t hide from EMF radiation, so what is the solution? Fortunately, there is one.  It’s simple, easy, and readily available. Aulterra provides the industry’s most effective, scientifically researched, patented, and peer-reviewed EMF protection, as well as a highly effective defense against internal and external environmental toxins. With our products, you can rest easy knowing you’re shielding yourself from the harmful EMF radiation we’re exposed to daily. Do yourself a favor and check out our EMF neutralizers to learn how you can create a safe space for you and your family. 

danger signs in ocean and clouds in sky

Since 1998

Aulterra has 1000’s of very happy customers worldwide!

"When I first plugged in the Whole House Aulterra device, I felt a comforting freshness as if burning rays were removed. I wondered if that was just my wish since the EMF meter still alarmed. I learned from Aulterra that the frequencies are harmonized by the device, yet the meter does not know the difference. I am glad that there is a solution to the ever growing frequency pollution!"
"I have a Neutralizer on all my cordless phones as well as my cell phone and I wont let my daughter or her friends use their cell without one. It really is the only genuine thing on the market – try muscle testing with and without one – it’ll blow you away."
OB - Los Angelas, CA
"I had problems with my eyes swelling and itching terribly every night after using my iPhone. After a week of the Aulterra protection on my phone I noticed that I was sleeping much better and my eyes were no longer swollen and itching! I am very pleased with the difference Aulterra has made in my health and my ability to sleep! I am so happy that I saw the advertisement online for this innovative health protection!"
Roberta B

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