What is Dirty Electricity?

Dirty electricity, electrical pollution, dirty power is basically unusable power that gets stuck in your household wiring and radiates EMF radiation into your home.

The wiring in your home and most buildings, is 50 or 60 hertz. When this wiring system was designed it worked well because nearly all electronics were designed to take a constant flow of this electricity. 

Dirty electricity became an issue due to the high demand of our modern devices; either the demand is for more, for less, or just different than the wiring was intended to give.  Modern items such as converters, electronic dimmer switches, CFL lights or any other electronics began to alter the way they accept this electricity.  All of this creates dirty electricity and high-frequency voltage transients, both of which sit in your electrical lines and are not able to be used.

This dirty electricity radiates into your home, causing measurable, noticeable and definitely a dangerous amount of radiation all over your home.

How Exactly is Dirty Electricity Created?

Since the demand of our modern devices is greater than the 60-hertz wiring, the product creators have to manipulate the way these devices draw power, most commonly in one of these ways:

  1. Converting the 60-hertz AC into a low-voltage DC (direct current) or
  2. Higher voltage AC
  3. Drawing power in short bursts by turning the electrical current on and off, often thousands of times per second.

Since each of these corrupt the normal flow of the standard 50/60 Hz AC, the resulting corruption creates spikes and surges of power as they draw electricity, thereby creating “dirty electricity” or “dirty power.”

The electronic equipment you use such as your laptop charger, compact fluorescent light bulbs, laptops, dimmer switches, to name a few, need more or less electricity than the 120 volts that normally would come out of the electrical socket. 

The devices have a transformer or a rectifier that can change the AC  (alternating current) to DC (direct current).

The problem is that when the normal flow of electricity is interrupted, the smooth sine waves become corrupted, producing harmonics, (not musical), which is the dirty power and electricity you think of.  This dirty electricity, EMF radiation, flows out into your home since no electronics can use it. 

How to Measure Dirty Electricity

The following are ways you can measure the amount of dirty electricity in your home.

Get an AM Radio

Purchase an expensive analog AM radio, turn the dial all the way to the left, hopefully landing on 530 kHz.  Turn up the volume, then go outside until you hear little or no static.  Then go inside and hold the speaker part near your walls, and you should hear a big difference.  The louder and more sporadic the static, the more likely there are dirty electricity issues in your home.

Use a Dirty Electricity Meter

Using a meter is a very easy way to measure dirty electricity in your home.  There are two companies we recommend, Greenwave and STETZERiZER®. Greenwave has a nice broadband EMI meter. We’ll tell you a little about how they both work, so you can decide what makes sense to you. Pricing for each is comparable with the other.


Using its own proprietary measurement of dirty electricity call Graham-Stetzer (GS) units, the documentation for this meter says ideally, you should see readings below 50, but that seems almost impossible to obtain, even in homes already equipped with filters. 

We recommend looking for readings below 300 GS. If you discover readings above 1500, we recommend looking into obtaining a filter system.  The STETZERiZER meters and filters are available directly from their website.   

The Greenwave Broadband EMI Meter

We like this meter because the measurements are displayed in a universally accepted way.  It will filter out the normal 50/60 hertz that is not considered dirty, then display what’s left over in milliVolts (mV).

Ideally, you’ll want to see measurements of 300 mV or less; if your highly sensitive to EMF radiation, however, you will want this as low as possible. This meter is simple to use and will also tell you if you are using EMF filters, how well they are working.

How to Filter Dirty Electricity

We can recommend two dirty electricity filtration systems – they both work well. Surprise, they are the STETZERiZER® Filters and the Greenwave dirty electricity filtration system.

STETZERiZER Dirty Electricity Filter

The STETZERiZER filters transform dirty electricity back into 50/60 hertz power, which can safely be used by your electronics.  Electric pollution between the range of 14 and 150 kHz, which is the most dangerous, is filtered out with this filter.

The way this works is by using the High-Frequency EM Pollution Reducer (HF EMPOR) that was designed  by Dr. Martin Graham.  The HF EMPOR is made of EMF high-frequency suppressors that you plug into electrical outlets throughout your home.  These filters will measurably reduce the amount of dirty electricity in your home.      

If you are highly sensitive to EMF radiation, you will notice a difference in your environment, and should feel a reduction in any EMF exposure related symptoms.

These filters do not use any electricity, nor disturb any of the electronics in your home.

You can purchase the STETZERiZER filters and meter on Amazon.

Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters

Greenwave uses their own proprietary Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) filtering technology. The EMI filters out the harmonics, (physics definition), and transient voltage that is in the wiring of your home.

These filters do not affect the standard 50/60 hertz electricity that is supposed to be present in the lines, but they do “short out” the spikes and surges caused by modern electronics.

What we like about Greenwave:

  1. They meet very high standards of both safety and environmental friendliness.
  2. They are very easy to use, just plug them in.
  3. They have a built-in outlet at the bottom of the plug, so you can still have use of both outlets.

To find out how many filters they recommend for your home, and/or to purchase, please visit their website,


We feel the bottom line here is to get a meter first and measure the amount of dirty electricity in your home. Then, you will have an idea of how many filters are needed to protect your home.

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