Check out this informative and free interview! Lloyd Burrell from ElectricSense will interview electrical engineer and EMF consultant Pawel Wypychowski today, Thursday, March 7th at 12 noon EST (9 AM PST or 5 PM GMT)

Some of the things to be discussed:

Frequency, wavelength and signal strength are the 3 main parameters which explain the health effects of EMFs but Pawel explains a 4th parameter which is just as important

What 5G is (and what it’s) not  – Pawel does a good job of clearing up the confusion

How the 5G roll out will be implemented in 2 stages – this is two completely different worlds but they will be mixed in one electronic component (your smart phone)

The 2 reasons why from a human health standpoint 5G may be more dangerous than previous generations of cellular technology

To connect with this FREE interview go to the show page at the designated time: (there’s also a FREE 24 hour replay).

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