“For the first time I feel SAFE talking on the cell phones. Now we are getting them for our children’s cell phones!” — CW from Miami, FL

“I have a Neutralizer on all my cordless phones as well as my cell phone, and I wont let my daughter or her friends use their cell without one. It really is the only genuine thing on the market – try muscle testing with and without one, – it’ll blow you away.” — OB from Los Angeles, CA

“I have sold a case of the cell phone protection discs. Every one that I muscle test to determine validity tests excellent for protection plus additional strength with the discs. Thank you.” — CB from OCALA, FL

“My husband was talking hours everyday on his cell phone and getting foggy and tired by mid afternoon. The Neutralizers are awesome my husband can definitely tell a difference…. He doesn’t have this problem now. Thank You!” — Shirley, Georgia

That’s right! I’m protected and I like it… With my new EMF NEUTRALIZERS, I’m feeling good about my “good for me” purchase! slymaster186

“This is great for iPhones it is super thin and fits even with case on. It also works with Macs and you don’t even know it is there.”

Mark J. Trahanovsky North Hollywood, California

“I bought this for my teenage grandson who is constantly on his mobile, even takes it to bed with him! He was getting bad headaches and was even more forgetful than normal. After reading about the bombardment of waves to the brain coming from the cellphones, I became really concerned. Then I saw the Auterra Neutraliser which works on completely natural sources from the earth to counter any harmful radiation. I was delighted to learn about this and since receiving it and giving one to him for his phone. He hasn’t had any headaches and his memory is a lot better.” Danielle

“I muscle tested to see if these do what they are reported to do and they do. We have them on our tv’s, computers, cell phones, microwave, and refrigerator.” Bobbie Jo Beatrice, NE USA

“My doctor with a PhD in energy medicine sells these. She has tested them and they work! I placed one on my PC and wireless router also. I feel less fatigued in front of the computer now. I also have one on the battery in my Blackberry. I give them to friends as gifts now.” Chili Dog Mom, Frisco, Texas

” I just wanted to let you know that a friend of mine is doing much better since she started using the Aulterra Whole House Plug that I gave her! She is no longer feeling negative and worried about life since she started using the plug yetserday! She was wondering if something was wrong with her, but it was the toxic EMFs that were creating this problem. This product is a life changer for my friend!” – G. Joy

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